taraSMART modular suspension arm system

More Options For ROLEC’s taraSMART Modular Suspension Arm System

ROLEC has added more components to its taraSMART (IP 54) range of modular suspension arms. Users can now configure their perfect support arm from a choice of 22 different components.

Tough, stylish taraSMART supports displays, panel PCs and HMI enclosures weighing up to 100 lbs (45 kg). The range offers advanced technical features but at an attractive price point. Applications include smart factory automation, modern machine control systems, robotics, process automation, medical/laboratory technology and information stations.

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ROLEC HMI enclosures

ROLEC’s Advanced HMI Enclosures For Machine Control Equipment

ROLEC’s advanced HMI enclosures now include multiPANEL, profiPANEL and profiPANEL STANDARD – giving industrial electronics designers more choice.

Elegant multiPANEL is best suited to small-volume applications requiring advanced functionality and cutting-edge aesthetics. Versatile profiPANEL is for higher-volume applications, notably machine building.

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