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ROLEC’s Cutting-Edge IP-Rated Plastic Enclosures: technoPLUS and technoDISC

ROLEC now offers two premium ranges of IP-rated plastic enclosures for industrial electronics – technoPLUS and technoDISC.

Pole-mountable technoPLUS is ideal for outdoor locations, IIoT, measurement and hubs, while technoDISC is perfect for instrumentation, measurement and marine electronics. (Its distinctive round styling suits settings such as pipework.)

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ROLEC’s Premium Diecast Enclosures For Industrial Electronics

Industrial electronic enclosures manufacturer ROLEC now offers two premium ranges of diecast aluminum housings – aluDOOR and aluCASE.

Both are ‘go anywhere’ enclosures that can be mounted on walls, bulkheads, machines and desks to protect electronics in challenging indoor and outdoor industrial environments.

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